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Bonus Slot Machines OnlineBonus games are an intriguing option allowing players to win more in most online slot machines. Try your luck and get fascinating prizes to increase your winnings.

If you are a risky player and like to try your luck with large sums of money, then bonus slot machines are the best option for you created by online slots. Free Spins are a good option for players who enjoy lengthy games and for those who like multiple choices will really enjoy the Pick Item and Gamble Feature bonuses.

Bonus Slot Games

Bonus Slot games are special featured games and contain some special images related to the overall game theme. They not only award players with large money payouts but also have a totally different plot to the standard slots which give players more variety and enjoyment.

Free Spins

Bonus Slot Machines OnlineFree Spins features are mainly triggered by a certain symbolor certain winning combination appearing on the paylines which assist players in winning huge sums of money.

Pick Item

The Pick Item is triggered by a special symbol appearing on the reels. Players get to select one or more featured items from the suggested list in order to be awarded a sum of money or bonus. In this game players can choose to cash in on the winnings or to continue picking the items left in search of a better award.

Gamble Feature

The Gamble feature was created by online slot designers for really risky players. This feature appears on the second screen and prompts the player to choose specific options to stand a chance to double or multiply their winnings with serious money.

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