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Slot Terminology

Their are various type of slots available at online casinos. From single line slots that have only one pay line, to slot machine games that have various pay lines with bonus games and progressive jackpots that run into the millions!

Understanding the terminology used in slot games can be cumbersome - below we explain the most commonly used terms that all of the online slots have in common.

Software Platforms

In the world of online gaming, their are various software platforms available that the online casinos use. As there are quite a few that use proprietary software, and thus have their own custom online slots, it is near impossible to review and explain them all. This doesn't imply they are of an inferiour quality in any way, but merely that they increase the variety available to the player.


The reel on a slot machine is the wheel that has the various images on it. The reels are spun and then stop randomly. The position of the various images on a reel when stopped and the pay line(s) selected determine if and what the player has won.

Depending on the slot game being played, there can be from 1 reel to multiple reels.

Below some examples:

Bar Bar Blacksheep Slot Game
Bar Bar Black Sheep is an example of a 3 reel 1 pay line slot game.
Break Da Bank Slot Game
Break Da Bank is an example of a 3 reel 5 pay line slot game.
Mega Moolah Slot Game
Mega Moolah is an example of a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot game.

What is a Pay Line?

Pay lines are the lines on the screen that, when the appropriate symbols line up on them, cause the lights to flash and the sounds of winning to fill your ears.

Pay lines on machine range from a single pay line slot machine to a multi pay line slots, that could have as many as 243 pay lines! Pay lines can run horizontally, vertically, diagonally or even follow no fixed pattern. So be sure to check the online slot game that you do choose as to how the pay lines are defined and how many pay lines are supported.

The number of pay lines activated is usually determined by the amount you bet on the spin of the reels. Also be sure to check when, and what pay line, the progressive jackpot pays out (if the game does have one). You don't want to hit the symbols on the correct pay line, and then find out later, to win the progressive jackpot, you had to deposit another 10c!

Bonuses And Jackpots

There are various online slot games that offer bonuses and jackpots. Usually the bonuses are in the form of free spins or bonus levels. They can pop up at any stage. Bonus games normally have the theme of the slot machine, where the player gets to choose certain items that then translate into a certain monetary value.

The bonus feature is typically activated by getting a certain number of bonus symbols on a certain pay line.

The slot games that have the progressive jackpot feature, usually require that the maximum bet is placed before the progressive jackpot feature is enabled.

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Slot Terminology