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Slot Machines... Did you Know?

Interesting Slot Machine FactsWe all have our favourite websites: for bingo I love and for slot machines I have a few that I like. If you love to gamble, and you love to play the slots in particular then here are ten facts you might not know... and they might even help you play better, and ultimately win bigger! You never know...

  1. No matter what kind of 'feeling' you get every spin is as likely or unlikely to hit the jackpot as the previous one.
  2. It makes no difference whether you pull a physical lever, press an actual button or hit a key on your computer – the odds are pretty much the same.
  3. In land based casinos, most owners have their slot machines geared up to pay out between 85% and 95% of the money put into them over the lifetime of the machine.
  4. In the US alone, land based casinos generate around 70% of their revenue from the slot machine games we play.
  5. The coins you play with have nothing to do with the outcome, so forget hot or cold, old or new coins – it really makes no difference.
  6. In Las Vegas it has been reported that there is one slot machine to every 8 people – that's a pretty incredible fact!
  7. It's all about the Random Number Generator (RNG) inside the machine which determines the spin. Simple as that – and as the name suggests, it's random!
  8. In a recent round up figures suggest that there are now over 600,000 different types of online slot machine available to players from the comfort of their own homes.
  9. The chance to win big is one of the things which keeps players coming back – not to mention the fun, excitement and entertainment! Keep your eye on the millions but be aware your chances are not that great of retiring just yet...
  10. Slot machines are the most popular gambling games of all. It seems the world over we just can't get enough of them!

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Slot Machines... Did you Know?